Did you know you can actually make yourself more attentive, less distracted, more in touch with your emotions, cope with stress better, and improve your memory? It’s true. Research shows that taking care of your mind has psychological and physical benefits. The best part is that it doesn’t require a drastic lifestyle change or a monthly subscription. Try some of the resources below to prioritize caring for your mind.

Resources to Maintain a Healthy Mind

Other Resources

Student Mental Health & Counseling Services (SMHCS)
Helps students to identify, understand, and solve problems, and transform that understanding into positive action. Call 617-253-2916 to schedule an appointment

Off-Campus Counseling Referrals and Support
Information and resources to help with off-campus referrals for specialized care or specific preferences you may have

Understand your Stress Profile
Self Stress assessment PDF

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
Listen to Mary’s story about her feelings of imposter syndrome and what strategies helped her manage the stress and self-doubt

Telephone Guide Meditation
Call 617-253-CALM (2256) for a guided, three-minute relaxation recording

The Truth about Mindfulness

Choosing a Mindfulness App
These are MIT Medical’s recommended mindfulness apps to help develop meditation practice

Meditation, it’s not what you think

Community Coloring Pages
Artists from across MIT have created a host of coloring pages for you to print get coloring today!