Tips While Waiting for Support Appointments

Waiting for an appointment for support or treatment can be stressful and that’s normal. Below are some resources that might be helpful for you while you wait.

Talk with other students

There are many great peer to peer groups on campus that might be able to help you while you wait. Here are a few student groups that focus their efforts on student health and wellbeing:

Reach out to loved ones

Call or text a friend or loved one to talk or just to check in on how they are doing.

Check out resources in the local community

There are a lot of resources outside of MIT, including in Boston and Cambridge, that might be helpful.

We all cope and navigate feelings differently. Try to integrate one new healthy coping strategy into your routine. Be patient with yourself, it takes time to learn and change habits.

Try writing down your feelings

It can be helpful to track your mood and behaviors as you wait for services. Are you feeling preoccupied, stressed, or anxious? Write down your goals and hopes for the future. You might consider bringing this list to your appointment to share with the support staff you meet with. It takes some pressure off you to remember several weeks back and gives your service provider an accurate picture of what your mental health has been.

Get outside

Even if it is only sitting in the sun or going for a five-minute walk. This can break up your day and help you refocus your energy for a moment.

Slow down your thoughts through movement 

Try mindfulness

Practice gratitude

Get quality sleep

There are always resources available for you 24/7 and on nights and weekends. If you need support before your appointment, contact any of the resources below:

For other tips to prioritize your wellbeing visit

You shouldn’t have to think about where to turn to ask for help. Just ask.