Caring for your body is fundamental to your wellbeing. But it is so much more than working out. What you put into your body, getting good sleep, and movement all affect your wellbeing. When we eat better, we feel better and we perform better. Physical movement improves your sleep, concentration, immune system, and energy levels. Quality sleep allows the body to restore and reset and helps you stay balanced. These resources will help you care for your entire body.

Resources to Maintain Your Physical Health

Other Resources

Your Immune System and You

Group Fitness Classes

Physical Wellness Classes

ENGINEERyourHEALTH PLUS – a referral program for MIT Students, generously funded by the Office of Student Wellbeing in the Division of Student Life, with the goal of enhancing the student life experience through fitness, exercise, wellness and recreational opportunities. Talk to a Wellbeing Ambassador to learn more or visit the EYH+ page.