Purpose looks different for everybody. It can be setting personal goals, discovering what is meaningful to you, or figuring out who you want to become. The benefits are undeniable though, because people who can find purpose in life, no matter how grand or small, are more resilient and less anxious or depressed. With these resources focused on finding purpose, you can increase your emotions and wellbeing.

Resources to Clarify Your Sense of Purpose

Other Resources

Pause for ten minutes of daily mindfulness

Addir Interfaith Dialogue Program
Adir fellows meet regularly over the course of the year to participate in a stimulating environment that encourages dialogue, openness, and understanding across different faiths.

SFS Budgeting Worksheet
Use these tools to map your costs, make your own monthly budget, and find help in managing your money.

How to find Meaningful Volunteer and Service Work

Public Service Internships and Employment

Developing Your Elevator Pitch

Overcoming Uncertainty
Career Advising & Professional Development’s web-series designed to help students navigate different periods of uncertainty related to their career.