Checking In with Students


Checking in with students throughout the semester can help promote a sense of community and belonging for the student. This can be done via an email to the whole class or individually, depending on your class or group size.


  • At the beginning of the semester, decide on a check in style and routine that works for you. Consider modality (email, Slack, in-person at the start of a meeting/class) and frequency (once a month, mid-semester).
  • Use these communication templates to help you personalize check in emails to students.
  • For tips and advice on checking in on students during challenging times, visit our resource page.


Feeling a sense of belonging is one of the top predictors of student wellbeing at MIT. When students feel part of a class, department, or lab they are better learners. Faculty and instructors play an important role in helping to create these communities to help students connect with you and one another.