Overview of Student Support Services (S3)

This session introduces participants to the range of services S3 offers to the MIT community.  This includes an opportunity to ask questions about supporting students and helps create a connection with staff from the SSAW support network.

Session Outcomes:

  • Faculty/Instructors/TAs/Staff:
    • Identify ideas and strategies to support a culture of wellbeing at MIT
    • Recognize signs of distress
    • Develop a plan for how to connect with and refer undergraduates who are struggling
    • Learn how to refer undergraduates who are struggling with food insecurity or may need help from the emergency fund
    • Know where to refer undergraduates interested in taking time away from MIT


  • Students:
    • Recognize that reaching out for help is an important part of the MIT experience
    • Learn how support resources, including S3, can be helpful for students facing a broad range of challenges including food insecurity
    • Understand that S3 can help students who are looking to take time away from MIT
    • Identify strategies to connect friends/classmates to resources if they are struggling

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