Step Your Way Registration Period

Registration for Step Your Way is now open! Need some motivation to get and stay active this fall? Join the MIT community for this 6-week walking challenge that starts on Monday, October 2. Learn more and sign up through our website. •The goal of the challenge is to help you increase your daily physical activity....


Speaking Our Truth: Power and Consent in Relationships

Rainbow Lounge 50-250 142 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA, United States

Familial and romantic relationships are often defined and influenced by unique power dynamics. In these contexts, students can sometimes withhold important information about themselves for fear of emotional retribution (such as the silent treatment or withholding affection) which can negatively effect relational equity and power. Such experiences can significantly impact mental health, wellness, and the...


Language Conversation Exchange Events

Bush Room (10-105) 222 Memorial Dr, 10-105, Cambridge, MA, United States

Let's meet, eat, and speak! Practice a language with a group of native speakers and other language learners, meet other language lovers, and learn about the LCE. Anyone who is affiliated with MIT can participate in the LCE. Our members include students, staff, visiting scientists and scholars, faculty members, and their spouses and partners. Lunch:...