Recognize Signs of Distress


Faculty and instructors naturally want to create an environment where students flourish intellectually and personally. This includes being able to recognize when a student might be in distress and know the steps to take to connect them to support.


  • Review the MIT Faculty Guide on Recognizing and Responding to Students in Distress, an easy to follow guide provides basic information for faculty and staff to recognize signs that a student is in distress and steps to take to refer students to additional resources.
  • Take At-Risk for Faculty, an interactive training module that guides faculty and staff through simulated conversations with virtual students who are experiencing distress.
  • Reach out and consult with staff, including Student Support Services (for undergraduate students) and GradSupport (for graduate students), if you’re concerned about a student.


  • Faculty are often the first to observe a concern with a student or a change in behavior. Understanding the steps to connect students to appropriate resources ensures they get the support they need.