Streamlined Extension Form


Barbara Hughey uses a Google Form to streamline extension requests in 2.671.


  • Create a Google form, like the form used in 2.671, for students to request a short extension.
  • Give students a deadline for requesting an extension. This pushes students to plan their time and think ahead. Barbara uses 24 hours before the assignment is due.
  • Predetermine a set extension amount, such as 1-2 days.
  • Make sure this is clearly stated in the course syllabus.
  • If students are facing extenuating circumstances and need more time, ask that they meet with S3 and explain that this is to ensure that they have gotten support and a chance to make a plan.


  • Reduces barriers to asking for help, which can be especially hard if a student is not comfortable sharing specific details about personal issues.
  • Helps teaching staff easily track extensions and identify students who may need to be referred to support resources.